Why do your emails end up in your recipient’s spam folder?

Nowadays, it is common to send an important email and unfortunately find it in the recipient’s junk mail. Obviously, this situation can cause a lot of problems, since very few Internet users check the content of their junk mail religiously.

In this article, we will discuss the main reasons why your emails end up in your recipients’ junk mail. Then, we will explore effective solutions that will help you avoid these frustrating situations in the future.

Your address authentication is not updated

Indeed, there are technologies that allow you to authenticate your emails in the eyes of anti-spam filters. It is a way to show that you are a reliable user and that you control the domain name from which you send a message. The main tactics are as follows:

DKIM (DomainKey Identified Mail)
To learn how to configure DKIM, click here!
SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
To know how to configure DKIM, click here !
DMARC: you must already use DKIM and SPF.
To know how to configure DMARC, click here!

You use words or punctuation that trigger SPAM

With the robotization of the web, many algorithms are set up to send mass emails to tons of addresses. If you use phrases that resemble the SPAM tactics of these bots, you risk having your emails fall into the spam folder. In short, you should avoid:

Capital letters: “HELLO MELANIE”.
Sequences of exclamation points: “!!!!!!
Armies of emojis:
Questionable spelling and grammar (many bots use automatic translation)

The links you use are misleading or questionable

When inserting a link in an email, you need to make sure that it is a path to a secure website. Since the main purpose of SPAM emails is to entice people to click on a link of some sort, vigilance is required.

How to avoid sending unwanted emails: THE solution!

Once you have solved your authentication problems, made sure that you are using proper spelling and punctuation and made sure that you are using secure links, you can check the deliverability of your emails using Mail Tester.

Indeed, by sending an email to the address indicated on the website, Mail Tester will be able to give you an overall score as well as several suggestions to improve.

To see your score and to have access to suggestions, visit their online platform!

In conclusion

Finally, what we must remember about spam is that it is possible to avoid always finding the emails sent in our recipients’ junk mail. All you need is the knowledge to avoid looking like SPAM. Make sure your overall score on Mail Tester remains satisfactory and adjust along the way. That’s it!

If, on the other hand, important emails end up in your spam box, we invite you to read our article that explains how to fix it!

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