Website Audit

You have a beautiful website but it doesn’t have the desired impact and/or the traffic is not as good as you would like? While having a website is essential for any business today, if it has no visibility on search engines, then sadly, your investment is anything but optimal!


A website audit is an in-depth analysis of your website, followed by a complete diagnosis of it, in order to highlight the strong and weak points of your website.

The website audit covers these different aspects:

The user experience audit

The analysis of the ergonomics of your website aims at analyzing the navigation, the user experience (UX), the design and the content of your website.

The technical audit

The technical audit of your website aims to identify all the technical problems that could affect the SEO of your website or for which Google could penalize you. This will give you an overall picture of what needs to be corrected on your website in order to meet Google’s highest standards.

The SEO audit (on-site and off-site)

As for the SEO audit, it refers to the complete analysis of your website’s optimization for search engines and its real impact on them. At this stage, we will be able to measure your reach on search engines and compare your ranking to that of your competition, based on several factors. The question we can answer at this stage is: Are you in the race?

HabitaMédia always takes you further!

How much does a website audit cost?

Although we would love to give you an exact answer, the price of a website audit varies greatly, because every website is unique! However, to give you a rough idea, prices can generally vary between $1,500 and $8,000. How can we justify this price? Our team works with the best tools on the market and can detect, thanks to a very thorough experience, each step that will slide you into the top ranks of Google!

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