LinkedIn Advertising for Recruitment

LinkedIn Targeted Advertising Service for Recruitment

HabitaMédia now offers you a targeted advertising service on LinkedIn for recruiting employees within your company.

With nearly 775 million professionals registered on its platform, LinkedIn is the social network of choice for posting your job offers. There are professionals of all types of profiles, many of whom are actively looking for a job.

In terms of paid advertising, what distinguishes LinkedIn from other social networks is the quality of its targeting. Indeed, it is possible to target an audience in an extremely precise way, in particular according to their profession, location, interests, skills and field of study.

Thus, thanks to precise and thoughtful targeting, HabitaMédia helps you find the ideal candidate for the position you are looking to fill.

Our LinkedIn advertising service includes:

  • Production of visuals and copywriting for targeted ads;
  • Putting targeted advertising online;
  • Forwarding of applications to the employer;
  • Detailed report of advertising results.

The minimum duration for your ad to run on LinkedIn is 30 days. You have the option of extending this period in additional increments of 30 days if you want your advertising to be broadcast over a longer period.

To obtain a quote for our targeted recruitment service on LinkedIn, please fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.