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Google My Business is a listing service for all business owners or self-employed people. Google My Business allows, among other things, its users to provide details to consumers: product photos, location, phone number, customer reviews, etc. It is a very interesting tool, but for it to be effective, there are some key tips that every good user should know.

Fill out your listing correctly to promote local SEO

Your company’s listing must be filled out, but it must also be updated on a regular basis. Virtual consumers are used to having access to information about businesses directly on Google. If your listing is not completely filled out and you forgot to include your address, for example, the algorithm will suggest other businesses to consumers, who may be less exposed to your brand. In short, make sure you have all the information available: hours of operation, website, product photos, company description and customer base, etc.

Be up-to-date; share content and offer multi-channel service

Updating your profile once doesn’t mean the job is done. Your business will evolve over time. Some products may be added to your offering, or others may disappear. You may change your address or expand your service area. Be consistent; you can change and adapt your business information at any time. The algorithm recognizes and prioritizes fresh content. Also, if your website contains information that your Google My Business does not, you are being inconsistent. Reduce this risk by updating your business profile regularly!

Avoid keyword stuffing

Your SEO is directly related to the keywords you use. What some people don’t know is that too much is like not enough. When writing information, be authentic. Choose your words wisely, but it’s not the quantity that will make your name appear first. For example:

Instead of defining your name like this:

  • Mélanie Côté – Chef by trade – MUFFINS, CAKE, PATISSERIES – Montreal, Laval, Longueuil

Prioritize this alternative:

  • Mélanie Côté, chef – Montreal

Learn more about keyword stuffing here!

Maximize positive reviews

Finally, customer reviews are ideal for improving your business’ SEO. When you have a satisfied customer, invite them to rate your service on Google. Businesses with multiple positive reviews tend to come up faster in search engines. At the same time, users who come across your business will be able to testify to the professionalism of your services! 

You are now equipped to enhance the online presence of your Google My Business profile!

Long live progress,


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