Sharing a post on Facebook as a person rather than as a page serves several important purposes. This strategy offers a more personal and authentic approach, effective in extending the organic reach of your content. It involves several specific steps.

Here’s a detailed guide to getting started:

1. Access Facebook: log in to your personal Facebook account via a web browser or the mobile application.

2. Find the post you want to share: browse your news feed or go to the page or profile from which the post you want to share originated.

3. Click on the “Share” button below the post on the right.

4. Check which profile is used for sharing: at the top of the sharing pop-up window, make sure that your personal profile photo is displayed, and not that of your page. Otherwise, if necessary, change profile at the top right of your screen, by clicking on the right profile.

5. Personalize your post: in the pop-up window, add a comment if you wish to give your own point of view or context to what you’re sharing.

6. Publish the post: when you’re happy with your commentary and privacy settings, click “Post”. Your post will then be shared on your own personal profile.

Additional tips for effective sharing

– Add a relevant comment: by adding your own perspective or a relevant comment, you can attract more engagement from your friends and subscribers.

– Tag relevant people or pages: if the content you’re sharing relates to specific people or pages, tag them in your comment to increase visibility and engagement.

– Use appropriate keywords: hashtags can help increase the reach of your post. Use keywords that are relevant to the subject of the post.

By following these steps, you can easily share a post on Facebook as a person, not as a page, while maximizing the impact and engagement of your share.

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