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18 tips to optimize your online presence

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Competition is getting increasingly fierce online. To stand out from the crowd, you need a solid strategy. But what good is the best strategy if no one takes advantage of it? To make sure you reach your goals, you need to know how to optimize your online presence. Here are 18 tips on how to do so. 

Optimize your presence on social networks

1. Optimize your social network accounts

This is a great opportunity to find potential clients. Indeed, the algorithm will be able to check if you are a serious company that uses the functionalities offered by the platform. In addition, you can improve community engagement.

2. You are addressing the right audience

It is essential to determine who your target audience is. You will not be effective if you try to reach everyone. Portraying your persona is essential.

3. Find out where your potential client is

You think the right strategy is to be everywhere on the internet? Think again: the important thing is to be visible where your potential customers are most likely to look for you. Ask yourself which social networks your target audience uses and you will know where to focus your efforts.

4. You address your target audience at the right time

Our advice would be to post on your social networks at the time when your community is most active and likely to participate. However, there are several articles that can give you some very practical tips, here is one.

5. A call to action

When you make a publication, it must include a “call to action”. After reading your publication, your reader will ask “what next? ». As a company, you need to give them an answer! The call to action serves, among other things, to guide the user, to emphasize the urgency of a situation and to convert your visitors into customers. In fact, the call to action encourages the visitor to engage in a relationship with you.

6. Have a visual identity in line with your business

People use social media mostly for entertainment. This means that many of them scroll through their news feed without really being aware of what’s in it. In order to stand out in this flood of information, you need to have a strong visual identity that is recognizable at a glance. This way, your image will more easily implant itself in the memory of users and, in the long term, they will come back to you more easily when they need it.

7. Vary your approach

Be sure to vary your approach. If all the messages are aimed at promoting your services or selling your products, your community may not feel involved and may let you down. Through promotion, you need to talk to, inform and entertain your customers to ensure customer loyalty.

8. Pay attention to your personal Facebook account

Nowadays, anyone can find your personal Facebook profile in two clicks. You’ve worked hard on your company’s image, so be careful and don’t spoil it by leaving questionable photos of you at a slightly wild party.

Optimize your presence through your website

9. Having a high-performance website

You have focused on the design and ergonomics of your website, but have you thought about its performance? In order for the customer experience to be optimal, you must have more than a beautiful site. By testing the performance of your website, you will be able to identify areas for improvement such as display, visibility, security or loading time.

10. Optimize your photos

Did you know that Google uses the loading speed of your website to determine its position in search engines? Thus, it becomes essential to optimize the images contained in your site. To do so, you can use an editing tool such as GIMP. To know how to do it, you can read our article.

11. Having a responsive website

Today, it is imperative to have a “responsive” website in order to optimize the customer experience. You want to understand why, go read this article.

12. Using Google My Business

In order to have a good local SEO, it is essential to have a complete Google My Business listing. You will gain visibility and credibility!

13. Have a point of contact

Just imagine. A prospect has found you, your company is a perfect fit, but he has a question. He searches on your Facebook page or on your website, but finds no email address, no phone number … The effort is too great, the doubt too present, he gives up and turns to another more accessible company. Much more than for SEO, having a point of contact is essential for an optimal customer experience.

14. Keep a blog

The purpose of having a blog on your website is to attract and inform potential customers. To do so, you must, once again, think about SEO. By writing content for SEO you will help the Internet user to quickly find an answer to his request while making sure to encourage him to stay on your website: long live internal links!

Optimize your presence with your customers

15. Always respond to notices

Whether on Google or Facebook, it is important to respond to the opinions left by your customers. While it is always pleasant and easy to respond to positive comments, it is equally important to respond to negative comments. Of course, you must do so in a diplomatic manner and remember that your company’s image is at stake. However, when it is done well, there are many advantages, such as showing opinion readers that you are committed to good customer service.

16. Having a strong electronic signature

In order to increase your credibility, it is important to have a strong electronic signature. It should contain your contact information, your company logo as well as the social networks where it is possible to follow you. To know how to do it, go read this article.

17. Have impeccable French (in Québec)

It is important that your written French is excellent. This will have an impact on your credibility, which in turn will have an impact on the loyalty of your prospects. There are several tools to help you correct your texts, but if these are not sufficient, you can always benefit from the help of a proofreader. It’s an investment that will pay off!

18. Monitoring your media

We are used to changing our smoke detector batteries at time changes. We should also make a habit of changing our passwords twice a year for our safety and that of our customers. By the same token, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you can also take the opportunity to do a media watch. Here is a very interesting article on the subject.


As you know, the virtual world is evolving at a crazy speed. It is humanly impossible to follow all the new trends and be 100% optimal. 

So, I would advise you to dare. You don’t know if your target audience could be receptive to Instagram, go check it out! You hesitate to create a Newsletter, give it a try! 

You want to be daring and develop new strategies? Contact us now! (that’s our cal to action)!


When social networks help us discover talent

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At HabitaMedia, we like to tell you about our most recent finds, and also reveal a little more on how we do business.

Being always on the watch for the latest discoveries, passionate about art and very active on social networks, we stumbled upon the work of a talented young artist, Reiko. We enjoyed her work very much and decided to collaborate with her. We will tell you all about it.

Reiko, a multidisciplinary artist

Reiko Matsushita is a young Japanese woman who came to Montreal to study. Having recently graduated in neuroscience at McGill University, she is a scientist, but also a pianist who not only loves plants, but is also a superb artist.

With her notebook and pencils, she often walks the streets of Montreal, finding places that inspire her and settles down for a moment to illustrate them.

In addition to outdoor drawing, Reiko also produces animated videos, illustrations for school books, sketches, watercolours…. An artist with more than one string to her bow.

Reiko and HabitaMedia, a beautiful collaboration

While looking at all the beautiful artwork of Montreal on its social networks, it was quite natural that we contacted each other on Instagram in order to consider working together.

The first commission from HabitaMedia was a black and white drawing, in ink and watercolor, representing the Via Capitale du Mont-Royal agency at the intersection of Mont Royal Avenue and De La Roche Street.

Via Capitale du Mont-Royal is one of our clients with whom we have maintained a very good business relationship for seven years. They recently renovated their façade and will be celebrating their 25th anniversary on Le Plateau. At the time, this design seemed like the perfect gift for the occasion!

Melanie, the founder of HabitatMedia, placed a second order, this time to gift her companion to mark their first year anniversary. An illustration of a beautiful triplex in the Petite Patrie.

It is then for a client with whom we have been working for seven wonderful years, who is moving to new premises in the heart of the Villeray district, that we bring a touch of Reiko’s work to embellish the beauty salon “Esthétique Edit”.

Finally, it is for herself that Melanie asked Reiko to realize her next creation, one that she will then be able to contemplate daily in her home.

Art and social networks

With her drawings, Reiko illuminates, brings colors and captures simple moments in some of Montreal’s most beautiful places. Through her works that she shares with us, she reminds us of the beauty of our city through her eyes and her sensitivity.

It is by posting images of her work on her social networks that this talented artist has managed to attract the attention of the HabitaMedia agency, and surely other beautiful projects are coming for her…

Here is a good example that illustrates the power of social networks, its great power of visibility, especially for artists who can promote their creations. A great way to promote exchanges, to bring projects to fruition and to create beautiful collaborations.

We invite you to discover her artwork on her Instagram account

How to build a good digital reputation

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Before calling on a professional, future customers increasingly look at the opinions left online. Therefore, it is important for you to build a good digital reputation. Here are 5 tips to increase your notoriety.


1 – Ask your customers to evaluate you.

When you are face-to-face with your clients at the end of your work, ask them to leave you an opinion on Google and social networks to share their experience. Take the opportunity to be with them to prevent them from postponing this and forgetting your request. Explain the impact this could have on you.

To optimize your clients’ participation, it is recommended to follow-up by sending them an email or text message a few days after making the first request. If possible, personalize this message by using the person’s name and adopting a simple tone. Don’t be afraid to do this because the customer will feel valued and want to help you.

2- Prioritize “Google My Business

The most widely used platform to leave or read reviews is “Google My Business”. Google’s notoriety means that most people will use this source of opinion rather than another. It is therefore a mistake to neglect the opinions that will be left about you.

To avoid the risk of getting bad feedback, feel free to regularly ask your customers how you can improve their experience. Maintaining good communication will avoid unpleasant surprises and you will have time to manage dissatisfaction outside the web before it affects your reputation. 


3- Make the request with a newsletter

If you haven’t had time to ask your clients to evaluate you when they were in front of you, feel free to do so using a newsletter. Be careful, however, about the frequency with which this newsletter is sent: do not force the client’s hand. This approach simplifies the task for the customer: you can insert the link directly to your social networks or Google My Business.

Also, take the opportunity to offer the option of sending a review answering directly the email that you can publish as a testimonial on your website. This allows you to reach people who don’t own Google or social media accounts. Never forget to emphasize the importance of this gesture from your customers. 

4- Thank your customers

Don’t forget to thank the customers who make the process of leaving you a notice. This will help maintain a good relationship with them. The easiest way is to comment directly above their opinion with a short note expressing your gratitude. If you know who the person is, feel free to personalize your message so that the person feels recognized.

By doing this, you show that you can also give them the same time they took in giving their opinion. It is also a way to confirm your sincerity when you explained to them how important their opinion is to you.


5- Do not ignore negative opinions

Despite all your precautions, you will sometimes have to face negative opinions. One mistake that many professionals make is to ignore these opinions, but they will not leave and can drive away future customers. It is important to accept these opinions and to perceive them as an opportunity to show your professionalism. Wrong opinions must always be answered, but in the right way.

Start by apologizing, and show your willingness to help the client. Invite the customer to contact you outside the public sphere. Leave out the unpleasant or ironic answers because it is important for the Internet users who will consult your profile later on to see that you take the remarks into account and that you care about customer satisfaction.


At HabitaMedia, it is our mission to support you promoting your web visibility. We have been helping companies and self-employed workers develop their digital strategy for more than 10 years. If you are short of time, would like to know the best practices of social networks, or prefer a turnkey service, HabitaMedia is here for you. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us.